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Meet Annie

After years of fighting exhaustion from my job and the stress of life, I realized the importance of taking a moment for myself to recharge.

I began "Miss Annie's Apothecary" with the goal of bringing a peaceful moment of self-care to your day with high-quality luxury body products.


My products are known for their rich and nourishing feel as well as their aromatherapy scents. Our sense of smell can do so much to make us feel grounded and bring us back to the present moment. I work to craft blends of gentle scents in my studio that work to calm and rejuvenate the mind.


I release new products and scent blends with each changing season. I also offer custom scents for every occasion that let you share your memories with a unique scent. One that will bring those beautiful memories back with just a sniff. Celebrate your special moments with a gift for all the people in your world. 

Miss Annie
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